Arethusa a mano




To complement the neighborhood in Bantam where our retail store and restaurant, al tavolo, already exist, the team at Arethusa made the decision to open a coffee shop and what better way to pair coffee than with pastries. Among a wide variety of pastries, we also offer breakfast sandwiches and light lunch options. Producing items in small batches all day, such as our hand rolled bagels or our donuts, allows us to give our diners a fresh, just-baked experience.

Using Arethusa products, we strive to highlight the freshness of our dairy, with how fresh we can make our baked goods. Seeking a coffee with parallel standards, we looked to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, where harvesting by hand and carefully selecting the fruit is their highest standard. Stumptown roasts the beans on demand every week giving us a cup of coffee unlike any other. Together, our standards create an experience that is truly by hand. A mano.