Butter is just churned cream right? Not a chance! The Europeans have known better for centuries. To raise butter to its full potential, the cream has to be cultured and allowed to sour slightly, not unlike the way in which grape juice is elevated by the winemaker. At Arethusa, our fresh cream is allowed to sour for two full days before it's churned in small batches, creating a wide array of complex flavor compounds and resulting in a depth of flavor and aroma that will have you reaching for this cultured butter time after time.


Arethusa Farm Dairy Butter Churn


We use a unique blend of cultures to create a specific soured cream butter taste. With 100% cream from our herd, a small batch churning process, and all natural cultures, Arethusa Farm Dairy butter truly has an old-fashioned flavor and mouthfeel. 


Pyramidal-shaped sea salt flakes are hand mixed into our churned butter, providing the occasional salty crunch. Seeking, as always, to enhance the clean, rich flavors of our cream rather than mask it, we add half as much salt as the average salted butter.




We carefully separate heavy cream from our own whole milk, giving us control over the entire process. Because of this, we’re able to achieve a stunning 84% butterfat in the final product, giving us a rich, flavorful European-style butter.


After our butter is salted, we hand-pack our 8 oz. containers, meaning that each cup gets a last inspection before hitting store shelves.