The exacting care and attention to detail in our cow care that sets our farm apart is mirrored in the way that our milk is handled once it leaves the farm. Our milk is transported just four miles from the milk house to the dairy and is then gently vat pasteurized to retain as much of its natural flavor as possible, without taking on the cooked flavors of ultrapasteurized supermarket milk. This is milk like it used to taste.

Arethusa Farm Milk Litchfield CT


We use a vat pasteurization method for all of our products. Most processors blast their milk with a high temperature, inadvertently destroying many of the flavor compounds found in milk. Using the vat pasteurization process, we cook the milk at a lower temperature but hold it for a longer period; this gets rid of the bad while keeping the good.


At Arethusa Farm, we source our milk exclusively from our very own herd of Holsteins, Jerseys, and Brown Swiss. Each breed brings unique attributes to the milk, and together contribute to a blend that is well-suited for our wide range of different dairy products. Learn more about our herd here. 



While most processors skim some of the cream from their “whole” milk in order to fall just above the legal minimum, we believe whole milk should be whole. Our whole milk is never skimmed, meaning that it has all the richness that farm fresh milk should.

Chocolate Milk

With a rich, smooth, milkshake-like pour, Arethusa Farm Dairy chocolate milk continues to be a centerpiece of our lineup. Stop in to either of our retail stores to sample the indulgent, delightful flavor of chocolate milk like it used to taste.

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Chocolate Milk
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