Arethusa Farm 1869-1999


The Webster Family owned a dairy farm south of Litchfield. They named the farm Arethusa for the small pink orchid that grew in a swamp on the land. Arethusa Farm originally started as a dairy farm which delivered milk and dairy products locally.

Arethusa Farm 1999


The farm on Webster Road was purchased by George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis with the goal of saving open farmland. They made an agreement with Webster descendants to return the name “Arethusa” to the farm.

Arethusa Farm 2001


George and Tony became interested in establishing their own dairy herd. The first five purebred registered Holsteins were purchased for Arethusa Farm. Jerseys and Brown Swiss would soon follow.

Arethusa Farm 2004


The Holsteins and Jerseys from Arethusa bring home top honors from the most prestigious world dairy show in the world. Their Holstein, Melanie was named Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin. Her Jersey herd mate, Veronica was Reserve Supreme Champion.

Arethusa Farm 2005


Three new barns were completed. Veronica returned to World Dairy Expo to claim the Supreme Champion honors for herself!

Arethusa Farm 2009-2013


Arethusa Farm began bottling milk under their new label at a rented creamery in Bolton in June and selling it in local stores. The herd grew to over 350 total head. Arethusa Farm won the prestigious honor of Premiere Holstein Breeder at World Dairy Expo. Two buildings were purchased in Bantam and the construction of Arethusa Farm Dairy began. Arethusa milk and yogurt became available in several stores in Litchfield County and two Whole Foods locations. The new dairy began production in January and a retail store was opened in July. Ice cream and cheese joined the production line. All products are made using only the milk from Arethusa’s cows. Arethusa is Premiere Jersey Breeder at World Dairy Expo for the second year in a row.

Arethusa Farm New Haven


Arethusa Farm Dairy opened their new storefront on 1020 Chapel Street, New Haven. Back in Bantam, Arethusa a mano just opened introducing a new cafe and pastry experience. Arethusa al tavolo has been named a Top 100 Restaurant in America by OpenTable. Once again Arethusa Farm travels across country for another year of dairy competitions winning titles such as Intermediate & Grand Champion.

Our  beloved Queen Veronica passes  just one week after her 17th birthday. Her outstanding reputation in the dairy community set the standards to the Jersey Breed. Her legacy will live on. Legends are forever.

In 2018 Arethusa Farm began growing produce and flowers on a 5 acre parcel on the farm. This is now called Arethusa Gardens which supplies Arethusa al tavolo with fresh produce year round. We like to refer to this endeavor as seed-to-table.