Outstanding animal care and great milk are essential for creating exceptional dairy products, but the process doesn’t end there. Just up the road from Arethusa Farm, our dairy plant team crafts a full line of award-winning dairy products with the same care and attention to detail that have become a hallmark of the Arethusa approach. From the equipment used to the ingredients sourced, each decision made is intended to highlight and maintain the rich, clean flavor of Arethusa milk.





Our milk is transported just four miles from the milk house to the dairy and is then gently vat pasteurized to retain as much of its natural flavor as possible, without taking on the cooked flavors of ultrapasteurized supermarket milk. This is milk like it used to taste.

Ice Cream

Only hand-crafted care and attention to detail can get you Arethusa’s “ice cream like it used to taste”.


We began making cheese in 2011 and today make and mature nine aged cheeses that span a wide variety of styles. Though clearly inspired by centuries-old European traditions, exceptional Arethusa Farm milk allows our cheeses to take on a life of their own.



Our milk from the farm is gently soured and set in the cup for a heavy body and smooth, creamy finish. Available in whole milk, with a delicious cream line, or low-fat plain, maple or vanilla.


Arethusa milk and cream are blended with cage free eggs, vanilla and the finest West Indies spices to create a decadent seasonal treat that provides the perfect accent to any holiday celebration.


At Arethusa, our fresh cream is allowed to sour for two full days before it's churned in small batches, creating a wide array of complex flavor compounds and resulting in a depth of flavor and aroma that will have you reaching for this cultured butter time and again.

Arethusa Farm Dairy Whey Truck
Arethusa Farm Dairy Quantum Biopower Whey Delivery
Arethusa Farm Dairy Milk Truck


We are proud to recycle the excess whey from our cheese operation with Quantum Biopower. Located in Southington, CT, Quantum Biopower converts food waste through their very own Anaerobic Digestion Facility, turning that waste into renewable energy!


Arethusa Farm Dairy and Quantum Biopower